We started the Mentor-program 2022 with Mentee’s night!

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The Mentor program 2022 got started with the orientation of the mentees on the 12th of October! 🤩

Excitement was in the air, and no wonder, because our nine new mentees (= actors) started their mentoring journey. At its best, mentoring offers joy and new eureka moments for studying, career, and job hunting.

Many of us do not know what mentoring means. Inspired by that and based on the feedback we got last year, we wanted to organize an orientation for actors, to help them think about what is mentoring, how to get the most out of mentoring, and, on the other hand, what is expected from the actors. How much the actor gets out of the mentoring is based on their activity and desire to develop themselves.

The evening was also a great opportunity to meet others and begin to think about one’s goals. It has been noticed over the years that the actors who set goals and take time to figure out why they applied to the program, get more out of mentoring.

Mentoring is a super concept and a unique experience. I have personally received a lot of help from my mentor for career considerations, and because of that, I wanted to share the joy and idea of ​​mentoring. I truly believe our participants will have a rewarding year now that they have a clue of what to expect.

Next Thursday the mentors and actors will finally meet each other! Exciting for both the participants and us, the board of Mentor-kubi. I believe and hope that the program will be rewarding for our nine mentee-actor pairs.

Until next time,
Vice president of the Mentor-klubi

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