Mentor-klubi’s principles of safer place

In Mentor-klubi’s activities and events, we follow the principles of a safer space. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe. Please familiarize yourself with the principles and follow them at our events.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Be open and remember to listen.

Face others openly without prejudice. See encounters as an opportunity to learn and develop yourself.

Don’t make assumptions.

We respect each other’s differences. No assumptions should be made about anyone’s identity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, background, or other characteristics.


Everyone has the right to self-determination, and we consider others in our language usage.


We promote a conversational and listening atmosphere where everyone has the opportunity to be heard and participate.


You are welcome to join. In an open atmosphere, you may ask questions and make mistakes, because we are free from all kinds of bullying.

Please intervene and/or contact us if you experience or witness behavior that violates these principles. Mentor-klubi has a Equality and harassment contact person, Roosa Oja-Lipasti. Please contact her by email roosa.oja-lipasti(at)

The latest update in january 2023.